The Uglies, Pretties & The Specials

Tally Youngblood

Tally Youngblood

Written by Scott Westerfeld, this series is considered young adult/science fiction.



Tally Youngblood starts out as an ‘ugly’. While her best friend has already joined the operated youth called ‘pretties’ she sets out on a mission to find out about those who refuse the required treatments and in the end, finds out a horrible secret connected to these ‘operations’.


Without spoiling the book, I just say this was my favorite of the trilogy.  It shows that even when someone tries to change you and make you conform, there is always hope that you can overcome it.


The force that instills fear in the uglies and the pretties is a ‘special’ ops force. They have special abilities and now, they want Tally. But, she has other things in mind-like taking down the Specials.

Overall Satisfaction:

4 out of 5 stars – the books did take some time to get to the point but overall, I really enjoy Scott Westerfeld as a writer.


Fantastic new age world, complex character, great villians


drags a little, worst heroine ever! [she is perfectly human in that she makes every mistake and disloyalty error known to mankind]

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So Yesterday


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