Midnight Sun – The 5th Book in the Twilight Saga Series

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Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

The Host is out and so is Breaking Dawn… Stephenie Meyer was devastated when over 200 pages of her new book, Midnight Sun leaked out. [Personally, I would be too] Fed up and left without any desire to finish, she decided to put it down – possibly indefinitely.

Even so, petitions have been made such as this one with over 300,000 + names and numerous emails have found their way to poor Seth, her brother and webmaster too. Her blog post said once she was finished with Breaking Dawn that she would continue working on the novel, Midnight Sun with no time constraints. But, can you wait? Should you still sign the petitions and use this to encourage her to get writing? If was, after all, our fault that she stopped writing it in the first place! [Not all of us, okay, but the ones who couldn’t wait..You know who you are ;o)]

On another note, twilight fans fell in love with Edward Cullen but, in it’s sequel, Jacob Black gives Edward a run for his money. There are Team Edward and Team Jacob sites and blogs popping up everywhere. Has Stephenie Meyer created the perfect love triangle for her fans? Well, you be the judge come November 20th, 2009!!

Team Jacob

Team Jacob


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