Afterlight by Alli Coleman


What if you were human as the sun rises, but a shadow by the time the sun sets?

author: Alli Coleman

Afterlight by Alli Coleman

Anna used to have it all. But in the blink of an eye, her world was turned upside down. On the brink of insanity, she realizes that life doesn’t have much appeal to her anymore. That is, until the mysterious Wesley appears in her life and fills her world with secrets and realizations she never would have dreamed to be true. -Alli Coleman

High school student, Alli Coleman has started an interesting new book with a very different concept! Afterlight follows a teen girl who has suffered loss and whose depression is so vividly described (that I felt like I was a teenager once again). The story line is new and origianl and deserves a reading.
Whats most amazing is that such a young person holds true promise as a writer!  She has her own website where various excerpts are featured such as Inexperienced.
If you’d like to read the first three chapters  of Afterlight please click HERE.

2 Comments to “Afterlight by Alli Coleman”

  1. That is absolutely sweet! Thank you so very much!

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