My Aunt, The Hero

Check out what my aunt does for people!!!!

My Aunt Carolee, yes the same one who has always read and encouraged me to write also does good deeds even though she was diagnosed with a horrible debilitating disease that made her unable to walk and nearly paralyzed for over a year! They told her she’d never walk again and now she’s WALKING and doing bread runs.

Talk about a modern day hero…
—this one is mine. ;o)

This is what a bread run looks like. I get large, plastic bags and then start grabbing and sorting which usually takes me about 2 hours then I start delivering.
I go to Reese first, then Jennifer & Ted who share theirs with a neighbor and a few family members. Then Ed who I also give stale stuff to that he feeds to his chickens.
Then Penny, Kevin, their 4 kids and their dog. They share their stuff with lots of family members, people at their church and Christopher’s Daycare.

From there I go to Echo and Jack who share theirs with family and friends. Then I go to Angie & Jeff who share with a lady who is dying of cancer and has 5 kids. They also have been lending her, their van so she can get back and forth for chemo and finally to Julie and Matt.


2 Comments to “My Aunt, The Hero”

  1. It’s nice to see/hear people doing random acts of kindness. Your aunt is awesome. This made me smile today Tina:-)

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