“I’ll Put On Some Tea…”

Fledgling: Jason SteedFledgling: Jason Steed by Mark A. Cooper

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jason Steed: Flegling is a book full of history, action, military combat and of course Karate. The book takes you through Jason’s first eleven years of life. He starts out in Hong Kong learning karate, jujitsu and tae kwon do (just to name a few).

Right away, you know there is something different about him. He is stuborn, loves carrot cake and sneaks into a military base at night to play on the flight simulator. This just the beginning though. From this, he ends up beating unthinkable odds.

Along with a little bit of English Royalty added in too!
I won’t give away anymore. This story is full of surprises and great moments that will linger in your mind well past the hours you should be sleeping. I actually woke up laughing yesterday morning thinking about the Barbershop scene.

I cried, I laughed, my heart beat a little faster than normal sometimes and I finally decided I liked his father when he let Jason make his own decision in the end.

This is an excellent book for anyone who likes European war stories, young adult novels and books filled with action and adventure. Plus, I see a series in the making. Over all, this is a book that can be easily enjoyed by someone as young as ten but as old as eighty.

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One Comment to ““I’ll Put On Some Tea…””

  1. Fledgling by Mark A Cooper :

    I have just spent 6 hours reading a book ( the first time for me over 20 years )
    that i have picked a book UP & could NOT put it Down till i finished it :

    Fledgling :

    What i thought of it ” Great cause i couldn’t put down ”

    What it’s about in my eyes :

    To me it was like StormBreaker ( A Young James Bond ) but with a good touch of
    Martial Arts training that young kids like todo with added touch of growing as
    a teen while at school, wanting to things that most youngsters don’t want to or
    Not allowed, because their parents think it’s to dangerous :

    Enter The karate kid like charactors, i found myself reading it like Mr Mewoggi
    ( prob spelt that wrong sorry ) but you get my drift if you seen the films :

    The action is from start to finish full of Happiness,sadness & loads of action
    between, with Family problems & bonding between family & young school friends
    etc :

    With out giving ANYTHING away as you read to what’s going to happen next so it
    KEEPS you wondering if Jason will win or survive life :
    ( oops I’m giving to much away ) you will have to go buy a copy if a Thriller
    if it’s
    your thing :

    My Final Thoughts on the book :

    To me it was like a cross between Stormbreaker, The Karate Kid & ending
    on a cliff Hanger like the first The Bourne series ALL rolled into one :

    I Just so Hope they Make a Film on this book as it would out do Stormbreaker
    by miles in my eyes :

    Very well written Mark thank you so much for 6 hours of such enjoyable reading.

    East Sussex
    Untied Kingdom

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