Robin Hood done right…

Okay, first I am in love with Jonas Armstrong. He made the perfect Robin Hood. The best ever [At least in my humble opinion]. I don’t normally gush over actors or shows [besides farscape] but the first two seasons were so fantastic I couldn’t seem to do anything but watch. How do people wait an entire week for a new episode? Pure torture. I didn’t have to wait as this is an older series that was cut after it’s 3rd season.

The 3rd season was still good but I hated the ending [season two’s ending as well] and Kate, a great actress but was not the replacement for Marian.  There’s nothing like the characters in this series–at least the first 2 seasons anyway.

Robin Hood begins with Robin and Much returning from the Holy Land. Much is his goofy servant turned free man [yet won’t abandon Robin] pal. I loved Much’s character.

Then there’s Marian and Little John whom we all know.  Little John is the leader over a band of ‘criminals’ according to the Sheriff of Nottingham they’re to be put to death on the spot.  In this gang there’s Will. A quiet young man who has some pretty amazing skills.

Alan A Dale is what is known as the traitor. Robin saves him twice and Alan betrays him twice. Djaq is from the holy land and is a girl living in the forest with a band of robbers [was going to be a slave but RObin saved her ;o) ]

Even Richard Armitage is hot. He’s evil but wow look at him without his shirt on!!  I’ve put some pictures below for you.  I rate this series 3 out of 4 stars [only because of two disappointing endings]

Christina Leigh Pritchard
“Dreams are what keep us clouded”

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