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May 10, 2017

Ally’s Secret Special

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Ally’s Secret
Book Three of the C I N Series

Ally wonโ€™t tell Alex what she did. She won’t reveal her secrets to anyone, not even Lisa.

And, Lisa can’t keep track of all the lies she’s been told. With new guy, Jake, in town, she sees her chance at the truth. With his help, she finds someone who does know what Ally did.

Through the eyes of Crystal, watch as Ally’s demise unfolds. Learn the story behind the fire, Allyโ€™s obsession with her own โ€˜deathโ€™, who Rat really is, and
to Crystal’s dismay, relive the tragedy.

Can Lisa heal after she finally knows what really happened? Will she be able to forgive Alex? Ally? Sometimes, the truth kills…

Whose heart will be left unbroken?