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June 24, 2012

A ‘Must Know’ Photographer

I am very happy now!

Photographer and artist, Michelle Monique has created a photo that screams Lisa Brown. She generously allowed me use her photo Storm at an extremely reasonable rate! I can’t thank her enough. I plan to use the photo (with lightning that she added in for me!) as the new cover for book one C I N. I will retire the present cover and release the new cover very soon.

Any who would like a digital copy/PDF of C I N with the new cover should contact me via Facebook privately or via this blog’s contact page.

Michelle Monique

More about the artist:

Michelle Monique has remarkable talent and an impressive portfolio. She won first place in the Pix Digital Imaging Contest and has created book covers for various authors such as Darin Caulhoun, K.T Tran, Andrea Cremer, and J.A Redmarski. Her talent does not stop here! Michelle Monique has been commissioned for a diverse group of clients ranging from CD covers to tee shirt designs, perfume ads for Dior and even youtube backgrounds!

As a child, Michelle Monique practiced photographing her cat, Kissy. (What do you guys think about a girlfriend for Rat? :o) Wouldn’t that be fun?!)

After schooling… Oh wait. Did I forget to mention that she’s a self-taught photographer who now works with professional companies such as Random House and Penguin for Young Readers?

Would you like to learn more about Michelle Monique? Please support her wonderful work by becoming her facebook fan and by checking out her blog where she has a long list of various press releases and awards!

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June 6, 2012

Donna Loses It Complete!

Donna Loses Control by Omaik

July 13, 2010

And The Winner is….

Not me. ;o( But, I did get an

honorable mention in the

Teenage Books category for

the Hollywood Book


That’s exciting.

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February 26, 2010

Indie Author

September 8, 2009

Christina Pritchard @ Edit Red Writing Community

Christina Pritchard @ Edit Red Writing Community

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September 7, 2009

Free to do in Delray Beach, FL

Next time you are in Delray Beach, FL; be sure to stop by Wakodahatchee Wetlands. Admission is free!

Photos of Delray Beach, FLSee Site

September 7, 2009

True Cause of Salem Witch Hunts

Ropes tied around the necks of women, gentlemen pressed with heavy stones until dead… These headlines were common once.

"You are a witch!"

"You are a witch!"

In 1692: Salem, Massachusetts was in an uproar. Eight young girls in their district were having fits and hallucinating.  What was it? Disease?

No, witches…

That is what the girls claimed. Yes, the kids. Young girls began accusing men and women of trying to possess them. Judges ruled on assumption; facts were not necessary only outward gestures of sorcery.

So, what was it really? What had this down in dire straits? Why did an entire village of people turn on each other in all out paranoia/mania?

Some of it was politics, of course. Using the situation to their benefit but, what of the original fits and hallucinations that possessed the girls?

In 1676 Denis Dodart wrote to The French Royal Academy of Sciences. In his letter he mentioned Ergot.

Ergot comes from Rye. And guess what the eight girls ate and grew as a staple in their homes and for business? That’s right, RYE.

Their fits, hallucinations and paranoia resembled lysergic acid diethylamide or as we know it: LSD.

The girls simply ate bad rye; came down with ergot poisoning-which induced them just like a drug and from there, the adults took over reaping monetary benefits from all those executed!

Today, ergot is used in the following drugs: methylergometrine which helps constrict blood vessels in pregnant women and also it is used with those having abortions and ergotamine; helps those with acute migraines, has been known to induce childbirth and aids in the  prevention of postpartum hemorrhages.

Overdoses of these two drugs have similar effects on it’s patients as those of the Salem youth infected with ergotism.

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