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November 14, 2010

Robin Hood done right…

Okay, first I am in love with Jonas Armstrong. He made the perfect Robin Hood. The best ever [At least in my humble opinion]. I don’t normally gush over actors or shows [besides farscape] but the first two seasons were so fantastic I couldn’t seem to do anything but watch. How do people wait an entire week for a new episode? Pure torture. I didn’t have to wait as this is an older series that was cut after it’s 3rd season.

The 3rd season was still good but I hated the ending [season two’s ending as well] and Kate, a great actress but was not the replacement for Marian.  There’s nothing like the characters in this series–at least the first 2 seasons anyway.

Robin Hood begins with Robin and Much returning from the Holy Land. Much is his goofy servant turned free man [yet won’t abandon Robin] pal. I loved Much’s character.

Then there’s Marian and Little John whom we all know.  Little John is the leader over a band of ‘criminals’ according to the Sheriff of Nottingham they’re to be put to death on the spot.  In this gang there’s Will. A quiet young man who has some pretty amazing skills.

Alan A Dale is what is known as the traitor. Robin saves him twice and Alan betrays him twice. Djaq is from the holy land and is a girl living in the forest with a band of robbers [was going to be a slave but RObin saved her ;o) ]

Even Richard Armitage is hot. He’s evil but wow look at him without his shirt on!!  I’ve put some pictures below for you.  I rate this series 3 out of 4 stars [only because of two disappointing endings]

Christina Leigh Pritchard
“Dreams are what keep us clouded”

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May 7, 2010

The Last Airbender

Looking forward to seeing this movie. Here is a TRAILER. This trailer is thanks to

February 25, 2010

Letters To Juliet

There is a wall in Verona, Italy where you can write a letter to Juliet. That’s where a young girl played by Amanda Seyfried goes. A stone falls away from the wall and she finds an old letter. From that letter, she ends up on a romantic journey to help the author of the letter, Vanessa Redgrave, find her long lost love as well as true love for herself as well! Letters to Juliet hits theaters May 2010 Check back for Show Times near you.

February 25, 2010

Remember Me

Robert Pattinson’s new movie Remember Me is a romantic drama rated PG-13 about a young man who has issues with his distant father (played by Pierce Brosnan). Robert Pattinson plays Tyler, the lead and Emilie de Ravin plays his girlfriend. Show Times are available March 12, 2010.

Movie Pictures of Robert Pattison: (Thanks to

February 24, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

Watch The Trailer:

February 24, 2010

Watch the Alice in Wonderland trailer

Watch the Alice in Wonderland trailer on Fandango

Alice In Wonderland

"It's Alice!"

Directed by Tim Burton, Alice now 19 goes back to Wonderland with a surprising twist. The world she remembers is no more. The Red Queen has overtaken the world and it is up to Alice to fix what’s broken…

Get Show times March 5, 2010.

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