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Excerpts for Upcoming Novels:

The Carnies

Alice was hanged for trying to change the world.
Now it is up to Heather and her friends to finish what she started…

Carnies EXTRAS  “Spoilers”

Book Two


He said he didn’t love me anymore…


There are things that happen and then there are things that happen


Tina can’t seem to do anything right. Book One in the Tina Richards’ Series.

The Experiment

Lately, Tina can’t seem to decipher lies from reality. Frustrated with how things are going, Tina visits her old therapist for advice and unwittingly signs up to be a guinea pig for another one of
Dr. Crane’s crazy governmental science experiments.
This time, she endangers not only her life but her friends as well.
This is the eighth book in the Tina Richards Series.

Special Excerpt Alert

Want to read more of C I N? Here’s the first 9 Chapters!


“Lynn, Lynn, the city of sin. You never come out the way you went in.”

C I N is now available on Barnes & Noble and Books A Million!
Buy C I N from and 50% of all profits benefit the Humane Society!

Want to read more of a certain story?Please say so in the comments below!!!

Free Stories

The Pinchers


The Bed We Lie In

The Wall

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