Lost Love

Lost Love
Poetry Collection by Christina Leigh Pritchard

Cover Art: “Love in Rain” by Fine-simulation

This is for anyone whose ever been dumped…

Selected poems from the book:

Loved you then…

I loved you then and I love you now
I wanted you then and I want you now

When your arm brushes against mine
All I think about is being embraced
in your strong arms
And feeling your warm lips upon my neck

When your eyes meet mine
I cannot breathe
Then you smile
And my whole body shivers

You tease me
I can’t respond

You are my future
You’ve always been
You always will

I loved you then and I love you now

I am vulnerable
I am weak
Your so strong
Your so collected

I have nothing left
Just a hope
That maybe you’ll mean it when I see you smile
And maybe
Just maybe you will take my hand
Draw me in close
Grab me by the chin
Ignore me as I shake and try to push you away
And hopefully you will just kiss me

Let’s Pretend

Let’s pretend
For just one day
That we’re in love
And have secrets that only we know.


I thought about you all night long
Couldn’t sleep
Nor feel anything except numbness


I can’t seem to write
Anything good.
No feelings
Just numb
I hate this
I hate you
Nothing seems reachable
Especially not you

Love to Follow

Emptiness fills your life by choice
You’ve chosen a drug to fill the void made but that drug-
I wish to remove the pain, you feel
But to no avail-
It owns your soul and you love to follow.


There are things I want to say
Words that stand on the tip of my tongue-
Brushing the sides of my lips
But I keep my mouth closed tight
For fear of what you will respond back with.


Love is real
I swear it is
I felt it once
And ache to find it once more
I compare all to you
And hope to find a man as great-
As my memory of you serves me
I see you in my dreams
Hear you in my sleep
Feel you in my pants-
I open my eyes
To an empty room
Only a fantasy
-always only a fantasy.


When will I see?
The truth
The reality
Of this nightmare
I hate every second that passes
For not one moment means anything


As pathetic as you are
Here we are
Sitting yards away
Walls of distrust
Encircle us even at such distance
You are so sad
I’m so depressed
Pathetic as I am
Here we are
Sitting yards away
In paranoia
Questioning each other’s loyalty

The End of Us

And there you have it
The end of us
So much for dreams
And future plans
We are now just a memory to only our miserable selves.
Such a waste – you and I –
So long,
I hope you at least,
Enjoyed the ride

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2 Comments to “Lost Love”

  1. This explains how i feel completly

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